French Tip Nails
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Oops! Your nail got caught on a thread and now it’s broken. 

Oops! You somehow managed to bend your nail… and now it’s broken.

Oops! You ran your fingers through your hair… and now it’s broken.

Nail breakage is one of the most annoyinggggg things to deal with – especially when you’re actually trying to grow your nails! Surprisingly, reducing the rate at which or nails break (or even completely eliminating the chances of your nail breaking) couldn’t be any easier!

There are a few simple rules I try as much as possible to adhere to, to help reduce the rate at which my nails break and guess what?! … I’ll be sharing them with you today! So here they are! –

Use a nail file!

Filing your nails is a great way to prevent nail breakage and also preserve nail length!… You know that annoying problem when it seems like your nails are getting caught on everything? From the fibres on your clothes, getting caught on your hair strands, on cotton wool, on everything? That is a sign that your nails need to be filed! Filing your nails when you experience this would definitely prevent your nails from breaking beyond what your bargained for! Your nail getting caught on different fibres is a sign that some part of your nail is chipping, spilt or broken. Filing your nails or the nail in question would smooth out the chip/split and in turn prevent future breakage!

It is also advisable to file your nails whenever you notice that the tips of your nails are uneven – I mean, It even looks much nicer when your nails are evened out, No? ^_^

Cut your nails!

I know – it sounds a bit counter intuitive, but if you’re trying to grow long and healthy nails, cutting them once in a while is not such a bad idea especially if your nails are quite brittle! Having really long nails as well can put your nails at a higher risk of snapping at any moment in time. So it is best to keep your nails at a reasonable and manageable length! – It can also be really annoying when your beautiful long nail suddenly breaks off – This is less likely to happen if your nails are kept at a moderately long length!

Sometimes your nails also have weak spots, breaks in them or cracks which can be caused by a sudden change in whether or environment or an exposure to extreme weather conditions. If left to keep growing in this state, you’re definitely going to experience some nail breakage, hence it is better to cut the weak nails off and nurture new and healthier nails! It would be a bigger disappointment when you think your nails are actually long and then the most fragile and seemingly insignificant incident breaks your whole nail off!

‘Feed’ your Nails!

Like everything else that has to do with skin care and the general well-being of a person, eating right is essential to good nail health. You can also opt to use some supplements, such as biotin as this is a great way to ensure that you have all the right vitamins in your body to prevent your nails being weak and brittle! – of course vitamins should not be used as a substitute for regular food!

So that’s it guys, a really quick post from me and I hope this helps someone out there!

Until Next Time!


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4 replies on “Beauty || Simple Tips to prevent nail breakage!

  1. I followed your blog and immediately i found the answer i have been looking for.
    Nail breakage can be very annoying, and it happens to me alot…but after reading this i found out i haven’t been doing certain things. Thank you for this post


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