When I started wearing makeup – and by that I mean wearing more than just lip-gloss – I must say I was quite confused as to what products to try out first! To be honest I’m still confused as there are so many brands and makeup product types to choose from… so where do you really start?

Well, today I’ll be giving you my very own mini guide to starting out with makeup and sharing with you my top 5 beginner makeup products which are an essential to every girl’s collection!


I started the list with this product because I find that on some days, when I cannot be bothered to go for a full on makeup look, I still reach out for my lipstick – slabbing on some lip colour and I’m out of the house! So Lipstick is a definite must have for every girl! ^_^



Lip Liner

Off course, it’s more difficult to create a well defined lip-look without a lip liner, so this product is really on the list only because lipstick is on the list! ^_^ (See how I wear my Red lip here!)



Mascara is another makeup essential; whether you choose to go for clear mascara, black mascara or a coloured one! Mascara is great for defining your natural eyelashes and if you go for the right product, with the right brush, you’ll end up with very natural looking thick and defined lashes!

Make up for beginners


Foundation is great for creating flawless looks and hiding any skin blemish or scars. I believe makeup should be used mainly for enhancing one’s natural beauty especially when it comes to an everyday look and what better way to enhance your natural appearance than hiding all those scars caused by acne, pimples, injuries, etc.

Make up for beginners

Brow pencil

This is another great beauty enhancing product which although might have been abused by a lot of people in recent times, the brow pencil is great for creating fuller brows and/or defining your brows even more!


With these 5 products, you can practically create an everyday, natural makeup look which would serve as your basic look to build on for any other look! Hope this helps!

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