One thing I’ve learnt since I started blogging is that pictures are slightly a big deal when it comes to blog posts – why? because even though you might have the best post in the world combining it with good pictures would take it to a whole new level! People are also more likely to recall what you wrote if there are great visual aids (memorable pictures) attached to your post – as humans are naturally visual beings! So having nice pictures on your blog, could be another reason why people would and should visit your blog! It also makes your blog look really professional which is great if you’re looking to make some money off it!

Now most people believe that the only way they are going to take pictures to share on their blog is if they use a DSLR camera but today I am going to try to dispel that myth by creating this post using pictures from my phone camera ONLY.

One thing to note though is that (in my opinion)… if you’re a fashion/style blogger, Investing in a DSLR camera would eventually be a necessity but for beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and everyone else, there are a few ways to ‘escape’ having to make such a huge investment from the onset.

So enough rambling – On to the Tips!


This is the number one rule for every blogger that wants to take good pictures for their blog and trust me there is no limit to what can be used as a prop. I have used everything from handbag surfaces to clothes, from rugs to book covers; I have used my teddy bears as props, mugs, perfume bottles (full or empty)… I think you get the gist! Think about Ad campaigns from ‘big brands’ – they use props as well and fun creative backgrounds! So why shouldn’t you?

One thing I find a lot of bloggers doing is using a plain white background which is fine and honestly I envy those who are able to create really cool collages on a plain white background but it takes a lot more creativity and effort to make it work for you and this comes with time and practice! So go with something more fun but not too busy and you’ll find it easier to work with; especially if you’re new to blogging! ^_^ Here are a few examples from me

How to take blog pictures
Using my jumper as a background ^_^

Using a magazine as the background

Using a magazine as the background

Using a Perfume bottle as a prop


Another thing that could greatly improve your pictures is being creative with the angles you take your pictures from! Although this might mean you standing, sitting or bending in the weirdest positions (Who can relate to this!?), in the end it will be worth it! In the picture collage below, I’ve taken a picture of the same lipstick from 4 different angles.

Top Left : I held the lipstick up in the air and took a picture of the lipstick against the white wall of my room

Top Right : I placed the lipstick on the same magazine from above and took the picture by placing my phone camera very close to the object and taking it from the same level as the object.

Bottom Right : I took this picture from a bird’s-eye view – i.e. looking directly from the top.

Bottom Left : I took this picture from the same level as the object and had to place the magazine on my bed and kneel down beside my bed to take the picture.

Different picture angles
Same lipstick from different picture angles

From this you can see that there are so many ways to represent the same item which is exactly what you want when taking pictures for a post. Of course, there are so many other angles from which you can take pictures but I use these four often and they work very well for me! So why not try them out ^_^.

A little filter here, a little filter there!…

… It doesn’t hurt anyone. Like I said before, even big corporations edit their pictures so there’s nothing wrong with using a little filter here and there. The only time I would strongly, I mean strongly disagree with this is when you are creating product review images! You DO NOT want to present the item in a false manner – That’s really really bad 😦 . However, I have used filters lightly on the lipstick below and you can see that although I have applied filters it does not mis-represent the product completely.

In a nutshell, it is okay to use filters on your pictures if they would help make them clearer and prettier. But use your discretion and do not misrepresent products or items! x0x0

How to take blog pictures
Top Pictures : Un-filtered || Bottom Pictures : Filtered

How to take blog pictures
Left : Filtered to Black and White || Right : Original Picture

How to take blog pictures
Left : Un-filtered || Right : Filtered by reducing temperature, increasing picture vibrance and increasing exposure

Resolution tricks!

Now this is a tricky one but a good way you go round having images that look pixellated it to create collages! Instead of posting your images as single images , where every single detail would be seen, try combining them in 2s or 3s. This would help fix the problem to some extent!

To be honest the tips are endless and if you’d like me to share more just leave a comment below but these are my Top-Top Tips on taking blog pictures and I do hope someone out there found it useful!

Eventually, investing in a good camera – if you would like to blog for a living and make some money off your blog, would be very much-needed regardless of what kind of blog you run because the competition out there is very ‘fierce’ and to stand out, you need to be ahead of the game! But anyways! That’s all from me today…

Until Next Time!!!


PS: I use an iPhone 6 incase you were wondering and I also use Photoshop express to edit pictures on my phone! MUAH!!!

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