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Welcome to another fabulous product review from me – Demi! (Hopefully you can clearly tell I am super excited right now – I’m not too sure why but oh wells). Today I have a quick review for you on the Miss Sporty Fabulous Eyes Glossy Shadow in the shade Peanut Butter. 

Now, wearing eyeshadow can be tricky and it is one aspect of makeup I AVOID COMPLETELY…well, most times it’s an aspect of makeup that I’m currently trying to explore. So it was only natural for me to reach out and grab this eyeshadow pencil (which I find quite fascinating – eyeshadow pencil! #cute) and try it out!



First Impressions:

I absolutely love the design of this product! It is a ‘wind-up’ kind of pencil and not the ‘sharpen’ kind which is great because I’m not sure I would have been able to find a pencil sharper big enough for it! The casing is plastic but has a metallic look! It is also very light weight! The product cost Β£2.99 from boots, which is probably a bit pricy fora drug store product but if you read on you’ll find out it’s worth it! ^_^

Overall, the product is really cute and the definitely very eye-catching!


This product is very easy to apply and long-lasting as when I was taking off my makeup, I had to put some extra effort into making sure it came off completely. I am not saying it doesn’t come off easily but it’s not the kind of product that smudges off once you touch or rub your eyes. So in that regard, it is very long-lasting! You’ll need to use a cloth, cotton wool or a makeup wipe to clean it off.

Although I used it to line my waterline in the look above, I have also applied it all over my eyelid and the application was very easy – it’s just like colouring! ^_^.

This product would also be great for creating well-defined looks using this colour, especailly when you want the colour to pop out as it is very vibrant!

Would I be buying it again?

Yes!!!! Definitely! It’s so Fantabulous! (Fantastic and Fabulous at the same time ^_^) and I will be trying out more shades very soon!

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