Beauty || Good Skin Care Regime – More than just good products!

Dead Sea Mud MaskA good skin care regime goes way beyond what products you use for your skin, the time you use them and the order in which you do so. A good skin care regime is way more than that! It involves all the little things from the way you treat your skin after a facial or a cleanse. In my personal experience there have been a few things that I have done to help reduce the amount of breakouts I have.

Now I am in no way saying my skin is flawless as I do get the odd breakout now and again from hormonal imbalances or stress but I notice the difference A LOT when I follow the next few things I am about to tell you and when I don’t. So here’s what else you need to know about having a good skin care regime!

Have a separate Cloth or Towel for your face

The skin on your face is more sensitive than any other skin on your face so using a separate towel for your face would help you greatly.

Change your pillow case often

I recommend having pillow cases – and bedding that are light in colour as it would greatly help you notice when your dead skin cells are beginning to accumulate on your bedding – and no one wants to sleep in a dirt filled bed!

Avoid touching your face as much as possible

As you go through the day you touch different things with your hands. Hence you come in contact with all sort of bacteria and dirt and you really don’t want to be putting this on your face ESPECIALLY if you have very acne prone skin!

Eat Right!

Now I still struggle with this a bit but there have been times in my life when I have gone through a system cleanse or had a very healthy diet for a while and the difference in my skin is very very clear! – I wonder why I don’t just stick to being healthy!

There’s a lot more you can do and I’m sure you may have thought of a few simple things you can do as well to help your skin feel better by just reading this post!

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