Makeup is becoming an essential part of every girl’s grooming – whether it’s as simple as using only lip gloss or having a full-blown highlight and contour makeup look!

While this post is directed mainly at those of us who go all out when it comes to makeup , even if it’s occasional, there are a few things that you definitely need to know and keep in mind at all times when it comes to makeup!

So today I’ll be sharing with you my top 3 “Good Makeup Etiquettes”

Wash Makeup brushes regularly

Just the same way you wash your towels regularly or your bed sheets, your clothes and other items; your makeup brushes need to also be cleaned regularly. After applying makeup with your brushes, your products still stay on your brush. Using this same brush to apply your makeup on another occasion would mean you would be applying some of yesterday’s product or last week’s product on your skin again and if your brush has been exposed to all sorts, even just open air then you may want to think of what other ‘things’ might have come in contact with your brush! So cleaning your brushes after each application or once a week would not be such a bad idea!

(Read how to clean your makeup brushes at home!)

24 piece Make Up brush set

Deep cleanse regularly…

… especially for acne prone skin. For those who have large visible pores, this is very essential. As you have large pores, your skin is already very vulnerable to clogging and so you don’t want to clog it some more with makeup. I usually deep cleanse every time I wear heavy makeup and sometimes anytime I wear foundation. Whenever I do this I notice that my skin doesn’t break out – which is a major sign of clogged pores.

Another thing you might want to try is steaming your face. Do this after wiping off your makeup and before washing with your face wash. What this will do is open your facia pores up even more so you can clean them properly with your face wash! After washing your face as normal, close up your pores by using cold water to rinse your face

Let your face breathe

I cannot stress this enough! Regardless of what your skin type is, having rest days from makeup would do your face a whole lot of good! Remember, you were not born with makeup on your skin and although the manufactures of Makeup try to ensure their products are consumer friendly, Makeup still remains a “foreign body” to your skin!

So I hope this helps you and remember, keeping these 3 tips in mind would definitely leave you with healthier skin!

Until Next Time!



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