I was quite surprised to find out that I actually had a full-blown Sleek Makeup collection, especially as I don’t wear makeup everyday. In fact the only time I wear makeup is when I have a special occasion. I guess it then depends on my definition of special because sometimes going shopping can be ‘special‘!!! ^_^. Anyways, While sorting out my makeup and getting my dresser all nice and neat I realised that I might just have a slight obsession with Sleek products but before you get any ideas – no this isn’t a sponsored post but one from a genuine lover of all things Sleek!

From bases to lip colour, I could probably create a whole look with just the products I have from Sleek. So what I’m going to do today is give a quick product review of each item, rate them from 1 to 5 [5 being the highest] and say “Yes” or “No” to two questions –

“Would I be buying this product again when it runs out?”


“Would I recommend it to a friend!”

Concealer and Skin Corrector palette

I use this product every time I want to go for a heavy highlight look and it works perfectly! I use a shade 5 palette and overall I give it a 4/5. The only reason I’m not giving it a 5/5 is because I haven’t been able to use the setting powder. The powder is quite ‘set’ and doesn’t lift with any MakeUp applicator (I’ve tried all sorts). So it’s basically useless but I would still definitely recommend this product to a friend and yes I would be buying it again!

[Link to product here!]

Contour Palettes

One thing I love about sleek are the numerous palettes they offer! My top! top!! top!!! fave are their contour palettes. They come in all sorts of combinations and I have two different kinds. The one with two shades is the Face contour kit which I own in a medium shade and I got this palette first. I then I got the 3 shade palette recently which is the Face Form – Contouring and blush palette in Dark. I tend to use the face form palette more often because the dark powder is really good for heavy contouring but when I want a very subtle look then I use the Face contour kit!


Rating : 5/5

Would I recommend this to a friend? : Yes

Would I be buying them again? : Yes I will be buying the Face Form palette again but not the Face contour kit- only because I have found more use for other palette

Eye Shadow Palette

Prior to owning this palette I had always thought to myself “What’s the difference between a cheap drug store eyeshadow palette and a more expensive eye shadow palette? Don’t they do the same thing?”

Well my mind’s definitely changed on that since I started using this palette. Apart from having greater coverage and long wear time, this product is also very vibrant NO MATTER THE COLOUR YOU USE! Compared to my other palette which I got for £4, this palette which is £9.99 is much more better!

Rating : 5/5

Would I recommend this to a friend? : Yes

Would I be buying them again? : Yes I would definitely be buying this product again but probably in a different shade.

Bases – CC cream , BB cream and Foundation

Sleek products are the only products I trust at the moment when it comes to bases. This is mainly because my skin seems to love them as I have not reacted to any of their base products. I recently bought the CC cream just to try it out and I got it in a dark to try out contouring with foundation – #StillInProgress.  I can’t say too much about this product as it’s really new to my collection but it is very easy to apply if that helps. The other two products I have been using for a while and I love them both. I have done a review on the BB cream before which you can find here.

Rating : 5/5

Would I recommend this to a friend? : Yes

Would I be buying them again? : I’m not sure – I’m in the process of finding the right foundation for me. Any recommendations?

Liner – Water and Smudge Pencil

This product definitely lives up to its name.  It cost £4.99 from super drug and comes in different shades. I have very very oily skin and because of this my eyebrows tend to wipe of very easily as the day progresses. However, since I started using this product I have not had this problem at all it I absolutely love it.

Rating : 5/5

Would I recommend this to a friend? : Yes

Would I be buying them again? : Yes I definitely would be buying it again

Lip colour

When it comes to lip colour, I think I am obsessed with Sleek. My go to lipsticks are all sleek and would be for a very long time. Their lipsticks cost £4.99 and so do their Lip gloss. They last really long and applying these products is very easy.

Rating : 6/5 – I love them that much ^_^

Would I recommend this to a friend? : Yes

Would I be buying them again? : Yes I would definitely buy them over and over again!


So that’s my Sleek Makeup collection for now – I might just be ordering more products over the next few days but in the mean time what brands do you obsess over?


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