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Refresh” is the name I’ve decided to call my style seminars. Why? Because most times when anyone tells you about style it is most likely to update you on what’s hot on the style scene or remind you of style basics you already know but need to be reminded of. Either way it would be a refresher to remind you of what you know or give you new information! So that’s how the name “Refresh” came about!

With God by my side I was able to host the very first Refresh in December 2015 and it was called “Old Wine – #Refresh”. I gave it the prefix “Old Wine” because the target audience was ladies in their 40s and above and as we know wine only gets better with age and so should style!

Although hosting style seminars is something I’ve always known I’d love to do, having a seminar at this particular point in time in HSM’s life was not something I thought I could do just yet. My mum is my biggest fan, most active publicist and probably my most loyal follower and so it’s only natural that she talks about HSM to any and everyone she can – I mean she even told a stranger we met at a barbecue that I was a fashion blogger! (Love you mama!). Anyways, I guess it was during the course of her telling one of her friends that I was a fashion blogger and showing her my blog that her friend suggested I organised a little gathering for their friends to talk about fashion and beauty! My mum then called me and told me about the idea. I was so excited and started making plans that same night. By the end of the night I had drafted out all the topics I’d love to cover, how the event would proceed and a whole lot more. I discussed a possible date with my mum and her friend, we agreed on the 20th of December and the next thing was to stir up interest. Of course one of the major things we had to sort out was a venue but guess what? – My mum’s friend, Aunty Kemi, offered to let us use her house which is an absolutely fabulous place with loads of space and a great design! So with that sorted, all I had to do was get myself ready to talk about what I love in a very effective and engaging way so that everyone who came learnt something, enjoyed their night but also got value for their money!

I don’t believe in doing everything by yourself, although it may seem so sometimes ^_^. So I decided I would focus my talks on Fashion and find a beauty blogger or makeup artist to talk about Beauty. It was at that point that I posted a picture on Instagram asking my followers to suggest a Makeup Artist in Abuja. I contacted a few but in the end I decided to work with Toni Esu who is a fab makeup artist and also a blogger! (Check out her blog here!)

So I proceeded to prepare my notes, create work sheets for the night, sort out refreshments, sort out gift bags and other minor details for the night and Refresh was ready to happen! The format for the night was a ladies night out with loads of activities to unwind, great ambiance and just a night of fun in general! – and trust me planning the activities to go with each talk was very tasking.

The night before the 20th of December, I started to panic wondering how I was going to talk to a group of 12 women on how to rejuvenate their style, give them style tips, dispel misconceptions, if they’d like the activities I had planned and the list was endless. So I prayed, slept and woke up the next morning ready to JUST DO IT!

The event started an hour late as a few people arrived late due to some issues beyond their control but the evening started once there were enough people to start. Once the  night started it was very relaxed, fun and surprisingly very interactive. Of course there were a few  unusual activities planned out throughout the event – we even did some colouring! but I could tell everyone was having a good time. Every lady who attended had their very own seminar pack which contained an order of events for the night, all the work sheets for the event, a pen and also a feedback form. With regards the topics discussed, we started off by defining what style is, learning how to identify our style, learning about our body type and how to dress up in the most flattering way for our body type! We then went on to talk about colour!, how to wear colour, staying agelessly chic and then we finished off with some makeup basics with Toni-the artist!

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I must tell you, planning a seminar is stressful not because of the planning process itself but because you have to make sure whatever you plan, the people attending your seminar would love it. The feedback I got from the forms handed out with the seminar packs was very encouraging and it confirmed my feelings, as everyone loved it and gave very positive feedback ! There were even a few ladies who said they couldn’t stay to the end but everyone did stay to the end and I feel absolutely blessed and blown away by the outcome of the event and the turn out as well.

I can’t thank God enough for the success of Refresh and for Him working through Aunty Kemi, my Mum, CBP Photography, BAEEzinne , and everyone else who came to make this event a success. It’s definitely not the last Refresh that would happen and I promise you that next time you hear about Refresh, she’ll be bigger and better!


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