img_1612-1 MAC Miley Cyrus Lipstick

Believe it or not, this is the first ever M.A.C. Lipstick I’ll own – just so you know how much I’ve avoided M.A.C. products; not because I’ve never used M.A.C. products or don’t think they are fab; In fact I love their products but the fear of going M.A.C. crazy like the way I love sleek has been my main deterrent. Anyways, I guess that’s ending soon because I absolutely love this Viva Glam lipstick by M.A.C.

I was gifted this product by a colleague at work as my secret santa gift and honestly, you can imagine my shock when I got a small cutely wrapped up parcel as my gift and then opened it to find this beauty! – it was love at first sight!!!

img_1519MAC Miley Cyrus Lipstick

MAC Miley Cyrus Lipstick

The lipstick is a pinkish red colour and unlike my usual matt finish lip colours this is sheen but doesn’t look so ‘shinny‘ on application which is great! considering my lips are quite full. It is in the shade Viva Glam and is by Miley Cyrus for M.A.C.

It is really easy to apply and last verrryyyy long – I guess that’s why people love M.A.C. I’m sure I’ll be trying out a few more shades within the year as I start my quest to find a new basic lip colour to add to my staples! – Any M.A.C. lovers want to suggest a colour to try out? ^_^




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