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Welcome back to my blog! Today’s product review is on the MUA PaintBox Multi-shade Lip Palette in Rose Rouge. First of all – What a cute Palette right!? The packing is so pretty and girlie and it is very light weight as well which makes it great for carrying around. As it is the festive period it is also great as a pocket filler and the Palette also comes with two mini lip brushes and a mirror which – Purrfect! . This means it very ideal for ‘on the go’ as you have all you need for the perfect application when you are out and about!

The palette cost only £4 and it also comes in two other shades Imperial Plums and Nudes & Honey Browns. You can get this Palette from SuperDrug or MUA’s Website – MUAStore.co.uk. Now on to the review!


When I first tried on the lip colours in this palette I wasn’t quite convinced but I gave it another chance a few days ago and I was absolutely impressed! They are so easy to apply and although the colours are not extremely vibrant as you would expect they are still really good for how much they cost! (See lip swatches below!)


Of all the colours on the palette I think I love colour 1, 2 and 3 the most! I feel the suit me the best but the other two are okay as well but maybe not as staple lip colours for me.

Overall, I rate this product at 4/5 because it is easy to apply, comes in a little compact casing with application brushes and a mirror. The only let down is the vibrance of the colours as you would need at least two coats to get them looking all nice and gorgeous. However, like I have said before they are very good for the price and they actually do last long.

Would you consider buying this palette?


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