Style || Where do I shop?

I’ve had a few people ask me where I shop, how I get things so cheap, etc etc – apparently I find the best bargains ^_^ ; and yes I do love finding bargains and why not?! There’s always a look for less.

Well, today I would be revealing to you my top ‘go-to’ places for certain items. We all have that store or site we go to or visit by default whenever an event comes up or the need to buy an item arises so I would be sharing with you my go to places and trust me, these places would definitely leave you and your pocket smiling.


Whenever I need a top or shirt for an event the first few places I turn to are Newlook, Primark and I won’t say any particular one is my exclusive first place to visit as it also depends on the kind of Top I’m looking for. When I want more dressy tops I go to Newlook and for the more casual ones or Primark would be perfect! I guess it’s because they all have quite a range of products at reasonable prices and most times or Newlook would definitely have some products on sale that would meet my need!


TOPSHOP! I can’t say it loud enough – but you can’t hear me... I literally love the Joni High-Waist Jean range from TopShop and I doubt I’ll be buying my jeans from anywhere else in yearssssss to come.


I actually don’t own that many skirts but when I do need one I  always always always go to for these. This is mainly because the most common kind os skirt that I know would look good on me are the bodycon midi kind of skirts and always has a nice skirt in this style. I do also love skater skirts but I sorta prefer to make them for myself when I can; but anyways. Their prices are so FANTASTIC!!! I got a skirt for £4 once and on average I only spend about £8 on a skirt from – and yes they do last for quite a while and are of good quality*


Now, This really depends on the occasion. If I need a casual everyday dress then!!! –Yes I love; but I also love Missguided and Asos. Missguided do some fabulous casual-more-dressy kinda dresses but they are often more expensive than what I am usually willing to pay compared to what can offer. However, one thing they are definitely great for are occasion dresses. Whenever I need a dress for a special occasion you can be sure I’ll be looking through Missguided but if they don’t have something I like then I’m sure ASOS won’t!


NewLook!!! Why? Because they are cheap, classy, the last long and most times they are very comfortable – Note most! I buy most of my shoes when they are on sale from Newlook unless I need one urgently and then I use my student discount ^_^ – Always bargain hunting. I love shoes and they are my biggest weakness so I try not to spend too much on them because I fall easily in love and out of love with my shoes. Out of my XYZ shoes about XYZ are from Newlook, just so you know how much I love them!

Another great place for shoes is Zara but again, I tend to wait for the sales before I buy shoes from them.

#Hand bags

My bags are probably the only thing I don’t really think about. If I see a nice bag I’ll buy it. I never really go bag handbag shopping but I guess if I wanted to buy a nice bag the first place I’d check would be Zara

Last but not the Least…


For my rings (which are probably the most worn accessories I own) I always get them from Newlook and H&M. Again mostly when they are on sale because I love them too much and can’t afford to have a sad pocket just from buying rings!

So I do hope someone found this useful and it answers all your questions with regards to where I shop.

Where do you shop? Any brands I need to check out?


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