Beauty Tutorial || 12 Nails of Christmas – Day 7: Shimmery Night

Can you believe it? Only a few days left till christmas! Jaw drops. Well we’re continuing with our nail tutorial series for the season with these fabulous ‘Shimmery Night’ Nails!

The only time we can see stars is at night-time and when you think of the true reason behind Christmas, you canโ€™t help but remember the night on which baby Jesus was born. When you think of this time you also canโ€™t forget the star of Bethlehem which led the 3 wise men to Jesus. So today Iโ€™ve got a nail tutorial for you that would definitely leave you thinking of stars all season long.

These nails are also perfect for those who like a subtler nail design or nail colour but are still very โ€˜festiveyโ€™

What youโ€™ll need

Red nail polish

Plain Black nail polish

Black glittery nail polish or plan glitter nail polish

Nail stickers

Top and Base coat nail polish

Step 1

Starting with a base coat, paint your nails with red nail polish as normal. You may also choose to use a different colour if you want to!

Step 2

Cut up your nail stickers into multiple strips and place them on your nail in whatever pattern you choose.

Tip: Let some of the strips cross over so you can have some closed off areas on your final design!

Step 3

Once you are satisfied with the placement on your nail stickers, go over the stickers with your black nail polish. Let it dry for about 10-15 seconds and if need be, apply a second coat!

Step 4

Once you are happy with the coverage of your black nail polish go over it with some glittery nail polish and leave to dry for about 1 minute per nail.

Step 5

Then gently peel off the nail stickers, preferably one at a time, as you may have forgotten the order in which you placed them

Step 6

Once all the strips are off go over your nails with a top coat to secure the design in place and you are all done!

This was my final result and I must say I absolutely adore these nails and they are probably my favouriteย so far!

What do you think?

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