Xmas Nails_0076

When you think of Christmas decorations you think of Baubles and tinsel! Maybe there might be a tinsel inspired nail tutorial but today we’re all about Baubles. So here’s a quick step by step guide of how to achieve this nail look!

What you’ll need

White nail polish

Different colours of nail polish – I used Red, Green and a metallic green

Dotting tool

Top and Base coat nail polish

Step 1 

Starting with a base coat, paint your nails with white nail polish as normal

Step 2 

Take the other coloured nail polishes and put a drop of each colour on a piece of paper.

Step 3 

Using your dotting tool, dip the tip of your tool into one of the colours and dot around your nails as much as you want. Repeat this with all the colours until you are happy with how dotted your nails are!

Tip: Start with a few dots at a time of each colour and then add more if need be, i.e 5 dots of red, 5 dots of green, 5 dots of metallic green and then add more dots if need be. Also try different dot sizes to give it a more fun look!

Step 4

Once you are happy with your nails, go over them with a top coat to secure the colours in place and you’re all done!

Xmas Nails_0065

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