Beauty Tutorual|| 12 Nails of Christmas – Day 5: Silver Lining

What’s the most common thing you see during Christmas?………… I’ll tell you – Metallic tones and this is usually as glitter! This is probably more of a Christmas nail inspiration post rather than a tutorial as achieving this look is very easy. All you need is some silver nail polish and silver glitter nail polish!

I find that whenever I use my glitter nail polish, I only get the best results from them when the base coat has a similar tone to the colour of the glitter, i.e. if I want to achieve silver glitter nail then I need to use a silver base or if I want red glitter nails then I need to use a red nail polish base and then apply red glitter!

This makes it easier for the glitter to reflect its intended colour off your nails as it is surrounded by the same colour as itself – Got it?! ^_^. So yes! That was how I achieved this silver glitter nails and I absolutely loved these nails as they are so simple and elegant – That’s so me!

What do you think? Yay? Or Nay?

Think – Like – Create



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