The two most popular colours during Christmas time are green and red. So it’s only normal that we have a nail tutorial featuring these two colours only! I’ve featured this particular nail design in a previous post- Simple Home Manicure Ideas and you can check it out to see what other ideas were featured (click here!). However, today I would be showing you a much easier method of achieving this same look!

All you would need is:

Green nail polish 

Red nail polish

Some masking tape

Top and Base coat nail polish

Step 1

Apply your base coat and once it’s dry, apply either your red or green nail polish first- I started with green!

Then leave your nail to dry as normal.


Step 2:

Once your nails are dry, cut up some masking tape strips and place them on your nail in such a way that it cuts across your nail from the top to bottom in a slant manner.

Try as much as you can to make sure it splits your nail into two equal halves and that each nail has approximately the same line angle as all the other nails.


Step 3

Paint over one side of your nail with the other nail polish colour, applying one or two coats until the other colour is completely covered. Leave your nail to dry for about 10-15 seconds


Step 4

Gently peel off the tape from your nails before it dries completely and go over each nail with your top coat!

This was my final result! What do you think?

Think – Like – Create



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