Beauty Tutorial || 12 Nails of Christmas – Day 3: Snow Night!


It’s such a shame that over the last 3 years it hasn’t snowed here in the UK and Christmas has been one dark, cold and rainy day with no snow to show for it. Ah wells… If snow refuses to fall outside then we will make snow on our nails! ^_^

You’ll need a few tools for this nail design. They are:

A Nail dotting tool

A Make-Up Sponge or a regular sponge

Some paper

White Nail polish

Dark blue nail polish

Black nail polish

Top and Base Coat Nail polish

Step 1

Peel off cuticle guard Nail polish or alternatively Nail polish remover and cotton swab

Step 1

Apply your cuticle guard all AROUND your nails. This would make cleaning up the nail polish much easier later on.


Step 2

Apply your base coat to your nails and then your white nail polish

Step 3

Cut your sponge into a shape such that one face is about 0.5-1cm wide. Then apply some white nail polish, then blue and black like shown in the picture (you have to be fairly quick with this step to avoid the nail polish drying)

Ombre Nails

Step 4

Dab the face of your sponge with the nail polish onto your nails from left to right, ensuring that the part of your sponge with the white nail polish is on the base of your nail and the darkest end (the black end) is on the tip. Do this until your nail is completely covered. Repeat this step for all nails, reapplying nail polish to the sponge when the colour starts to fade.

Ombre Nails
TIP: Do not press your sponge on top your nails for too long. You literally want to move really quickly from left to right as though you were pushing a button really quickly.

Step 5

Next, place a drop of white nail polish on to a piece of paper. Then place the tip of your tool in the drop of white nail polish and dot your nails from the mid part of your nail down to the white part. Once you are done, finish off the look with a top coat to secure your design in place, clean around your nail with some nail polish remover and you are all done!

This is what my finished result looked like!

I hope these instructions are quite easy to understand ^_^ but if you have any question just let me know by leaving a comment below and I would get back to you ASAP!

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