Xmas Nails_0096

According to folktale, candy canes first came about in 1670, Cologne, Germany. The idea came when a choirmaster in a cathedral in Cologne decided to keep the noise level of the children that attended the Christmas Eve service to a minimum. Hence, he asked a local candy maker to make sugar sticks for the children in the shape of a Shepard’s stick to remind them of the shepherds who paid visit to baby Jesus. In addition, he used the white colour of the sticks to teach children about the Christian belief in the sinless life of Jesus. According to this legend, this was how the candy cane became associated with Christmas time – I’m not sure how true the story is but oh wells!

Anyways, today I’ll be showing you how to interpret this lovely sugar stick into a sweet treat for your nails! All you’ll need is:

Red Nail polish

Silver Nail polish  (or white nail polish!)

Transparent Top and Base Coat Nail polish

Some masking tape or Nail tape  

and some nail polish remover, cotton buds or cotton wool just in case!

 Step 1

Apply your base coat and once it’s dry, apply either your red or silver/white nail polish first. This would depend on which nail polish is more opaque. If you’re using white and red nail polish then start with the white, but my silver nail polish is more opaque than the red one so I started with the red.

START WITH THE LESS OPAQUE COLOUR. Then leave your nails to dry as normal.

Xmas Nails_0078

Step 2

Once your nails are completely dry, cut up some thin tape strips and arrange them on your nails, one at a time in a slant candy cane pattern. Make sure you push the tape down into your cuticles to avoid any nail polish sipping under the tape.

ICandy Cane Nail Polish Design

Step 3

Taking your other nail polish, apply one or two coat on top of your taped up nail until you cannot see the base colour anymore. Then leave your nails to dry for 10-15 seconds.

Candy Cane Nail Polish Design

Step 4

Once your nail polish is almost dry, GENTLY peel off the tape from your nails, ONE AT A TIME!

Xmas Nails_0106

Step 5

Complete your nails by going over the entire nail with a top coat to secure both colours in place and prevent the top nail polish from chipping away. Once this is done you’re all done!

This was my final result! What do you think?

Candy Cane Nail Polish Design

Xmas Nails_0110

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