Probably one of the easiest nail tutorials I would share with you in this 12 Nails of Christmas series as you absolutely cannot go wrong with this design!

All you need to achieve this design are:

Red Nail polish

White Nail polish

A dotting tool

Top and Base coat Nail polish

Step 1

After applying your base coat to your nails, paint your nails completely with red nail polish and leave it to dry completely!

Step 2

Once your nails are dry, dip your dotting tool into your white nail polish and dot around your nails as much as you want! Then leave your nails to dry for 10-15 seconds

Step 3

Next, apply a top coat to your nails to secure your design in place and you are all done! You can also use some glittering nail polish as your top coat if you please! ^_^

Easy Peasy and all done in 3 simple steps!

This is what my final results looked like!

What do you think?

Think – Like – Create




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