Give AwayFirst of all I would like to thank EVERYONE who signed up to my giveaway and followed my blog. With every entry confirmation email I got I was absolutely amazed and touched by how many of you signed up! You all are my motivation to go on – Thank you!


So while I was compiling the list of entries to have the final draw for my giveaway on , I thought to myself…

“Too many people have signed up for me to have just one winner. I think I’ll have a 2nd and 3rd prize too”

So yes everyone! There’ll also be a 2nd and 3rd prize winner announced today. Unknown to you my HSM-Family I recently created the brand’s very first merchandise – A set of 5 LIMITED EDITION POCKET MIRRORS with motivational quotes! I created only 50 copies to give out to all those who have shown support to HSM back in Nigeria as I would be visiting for christmas!


So… for the 2nd prize I’ll be giving away a complete set of these mirrors (1 of each) and for the 3rd prize I’ll be giving away 3 of these mirrors. They are perfect for sharing with friends and very handy for ‘on-the-go’! and I hope you all like them!




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