A few weeks ago I saw these brushes online and kept wondering

“What do they mean by mini?”

“How small are they?”

… and I couldn’t find any blog or product information stating the size of these brushes. So out of curiosity, I decided to purchase them seeing as they only cost £4.95 from SuperDrug. When they came, I was literally looking for them in the box and finally I found them! They are so cute and tiny and they were certainly not joking when they named them Mini-Brushes. The brushes are by MakeUp Revolution and I am currently in the process of trying out quite a few of their products (Read my review on the Lip-Gloss!) . So watch out for more product reviews – back to the brushes.



These brushes range between 3 inches to 4 inches in length – that’s about 6-10cm. The Face brush and Foundation brush are 4″ each and the Angles brush and eyeshadow brush are 3″ each. In my opinion these brushes are not designed for the initial application of makeup but for re-application or touch ups when you are out and about which is FANTABULOUS (Fantastic and Fabulous ^_^). I always struggle with trying to choose which make up brush to take out when I go out with my friends for dinner or something and having these mini brushes means I don’t have to worry too much about which ones to take as I can have a mini version of them all with me at all times!

They fit perfectly into your clutch bag and weigh net to nothing. They are also not bulky which means they won’t be taking up so much space in your already crowed bag!

One thing I forgot to mention is how pretty they look and I’m sure you’ve already noticed this. I love the design of these brushes so much and maybe that’s because they have rose gold detailing and I love rose gold – but oh wells.

Another thing you might want to know or you may be wondering is if it worth spending £4.95 on such small brushes. For me, I actually don’t mind because the hair used on these brushes are of great quality. However, I have seen something similar in Primark for £2 and also for the same number of brushes and the same kind of brushes. So if you are considering getting them and these ones are a bit pricy for you then definitely head down to Primark (or Pennies) and grab yourself a set!

I hope you found this helpful!

Until Next Time! MUAH!!!



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