Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to my blog! If today is your first time of visiting High Street Mania – OMG! Thank you so much for stopping by… and if this isn’t your first time – THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your support means a lot!!!

Today I’ve got a quick fun and exciting DIY to share with you all and it’s on how to make this shoe bow! I am currently obsessed with shoes with massive detail around the ankle and above and… I kept searching for the perfect ankle-bow-shoe and they all looked very similar to shoes I already own. So I decided that instead of buying another pair of shoes that looks really similar to what I already own why not just make a bow that I can wear on my ankle and then the job will be done? So yes.. that was the motivation for this video and I really hope you guys like it. It’s really simple to make and took me literally 5 minutes to make them. So I hope you try it out and if you do don’t forget to share!

Until Next Time!


PS: Full list of items used can be found below!


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