If there’s one thing I know a lot of people tend to over look when it comes to Make-Up, it’s cleaning your Make-Up brushes. For me, it is an absolute must and it should be for everyone too!!! Why? Because the Make-Up you apply using your brushes stays on them! A bit obvious I know, but if you think of your brushes like a towel, then how long do you use a towel before you give it a wash? or ideally how often should you wash your towel? Your brushes should be treated the same way!

If you have acne prone skin or sensitive skin, then it is even more of a necessity for you and the good thing about cleaning Make-Up brushes is that it doesn’t even take that long. So today, I’ll be showing you an updated version of how I clean my Make-Up brushes with things I already have at home!

NOTE: There are certain products specifically designed for cleaning MakeUp brushes but if you don’t have access to them, then continue reading to see how I clean mine ^_^


The things you would need are

Your brushes,

Warm water,

A container to wash them in/ A sink

Face wash/Conditioner

 A towel.

#Step 1

The first thing you need to do is prepare your cleaning solution – sounds fancy yes? But really it’s just warm water with conditioner mixed in or your face wash – I used my herbal essence hair conditioner but either one would be fine!

#Step 2

The next thing you need to do is wash the brushes – literally! –  using a swishy left to right motion, just like you would when applying your make up. You can also swish it in circles and just do this until they are all clean. You can also wash multiple brushes at the same time if they are smaller or wash one brush at a time if they are much bigger.

If your solution get’s cloudy with make up, don’t worry – Just prepare another solution and continue the process until all your brushes are clean!


#Step 3

Once you’re done washing all your brushes, just fold your towel multiple times and place your brushes on the towel. My recommendation is to let your brushes air dry over night on the towel as this way you are sure you are not causing any damage to the brush hairs by drying them with heat!


By morning your brushes should be nice and clean and ready to be use! You”ll find that you’ll love them much more and you’ll be definitely addicted to washing your brushes from now on ^_^.

Hope you  found this helpful.

Until next time! MUAH!!!


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