If you’ve ever gone on a night out, a dinner or just a casual outing and you’re female, then chances are at some point in your life you’ve probably had to face this dilemma – Packing your tinnie winnie Clutch!

Unlike hand bags that come with loadssssss of space, in which case you can afford to pack a whole week’s supply of items – #Exaggeration; Clutch bags have very little space and so packing the most essential items to help you survive your outing is very important and crucial!

Now the title of this post says everything and before we go on let me just clarify the meaning of “everything” – Everything, in the context of this post means everything you NEED and not everything you WANT to take with you… Let’s continue ^_^

Now what you pack in your Clutch depends on your personal needs and also on the shape and size of the Clutch. So today I’ll quickly share with you how I pack my clutch bag and a few items I deem as necessary in order to survive a night out!



Now before you continue, I just want to point out that I am in no way implying that every item I’m about to mention needs to be packed every single time you go out but when thinking of essentials these are the items that should come to mind:

Money – … either Cash or Card, because chances are you’ll be spending some money during your outing. You also don’t want to find yourself being stranded  by chance #MotherlyAdvice ^_^ – So I suggest you take some money with you anyway, even if someone else is covering the bill!

Mobile Phone – … for obvious reasons *** and just incase you need to make an emergency call! Oh yes! don’t just take your phone with you, MAKE SURE IT’S CHARGED TO A 100%

Lip glossLip stick or Lip Balm – This is very essential, especially if you plan on eating or drinking. Chances are, your lip colour make smudged or wear out over the evening and even if you have no lip colour on, you still don’t want to struggle with a dry lip all night.

Keys – either your car keys [If you drive] or your house keys or both! No one wants to be stranded or locked out! – I’ve been there

Something to “touch-up” your makeup!!! – Especially if you have oily skin like someone I know #MySelf

All other items are really just extras you carry with you because you have space!

ANOTHER PIECE OF ADVICE on actually fitting your items into your clutch

If you have a flat clutch like the one below, what you need to make sure of is that you pack items that have the same kind of design as your clutch i.e. slim items – a bit obvious right? But I’m sure a few people would have struggled at some point with packing such a clutch

Snake print clutch bag

Likewise if you have a clutch that is more rounded, or boxy, you want to pack items with a similar shape. You want to pack more compact items as they would fit better into your clutch and you can align them better in your clutch!

One thing you need to be mindful of and this is even before you purchase any clutch is if your phone would fit into the clutch you’re about to purchase – and this is not about taking your phone around for anti-social reasons but they really come in handy especially if you’re going out in a big group or just for emergencies.

So yes , it’s a pretty straight forward post – Whenever you are packing your clutch, there are essentials and then things you just want to take with you. I hope this helps someone!

Until Next Time…



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