Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my blog! I hope you’re loving the new look to HSM – I am!  😀 and I’m sure it’ll improve your reader experience by A LOT! With this new layouts the various sections are more defined and navigation around the blog is easier. By clicking on the header image you would be directed to the home page from where you can view the most recent posts on HSM when you scroll down. I would also be updating this page regularly with any new information about my blog so do check it out often! However, if you’d love to view all the posts from HSM in as a long list then you can simply hover over the ‘Home‘ Tab on the menu bar and you’ll be directed to all the various posts with the most recent popping up first!

My make shift birthday muffin

I can’t believe how quickly the year went by. It only seems like yesterday when I decided to start my blog with basically no knowledge of how challenging it could be, no gadgets to help me – except my phone camera and my laptop; no followers, nothing! Now I have over 2,500 followers across my network which is great!… considering the fact that I spent the first 6 months really trying to find my feet!

The last 6 months have been my most intense months and self defining moments and I must say I’m ready to take on the next year of HSM with a whole new vibe. I know this line is quite cliche and everyone says fashion is their passion but it is truly mine. Maybe not in the way you think of it but you’ll find out soon.

I love helping people and sharing tips, information and loads more around style as a whole and that’s really why I started High Street Mania (Read About page).  I also know I said this in the last post I had before I shut my blog down, but I am really grateful to God for my support network and the grace He’s given me to go on even when it seemed impossible to do so.

You may not have known but over the year I have been involved in quite a few things blogging wise.

I was a beauty writer with glossy finds, a fashion writer for my university magazine and now I have the greatest and most fun job of my blogging career as the Style Editor of iDey!. I actually never thought about how blessed I have been over the year until the moment I sat down to write this post and actually realised that I have achieved quite a lot in this short time. I can’t wait to do so much more and I hope you’ll be following me on this journey!!! (Follow my blog by EMAIL and stand a chance to win my giveaway!).

Be sure to look around and have a ‘tour’ around my blog. I hope to see you back soon!

Happy Birthday to

High Street Mania!

…Now for some throw backs!


December 2014

Winter Outfit post – Post Archived

January 2015


February 2015

One of my First DIY Tutorial ^_^

March 2015

Guest post for Casey’s blog – Letmetrythisforyou.com

April 2015

Summer DIY Top – Tutorial here!

May 2015

Blue stripe dress
Sexy Baggy Look Book – here

June 2015

Ankara NeckPiece
Circle Ankara Skirt Look Book and DIY – Tutorial here!
Meet My Friends Lola



August 2015

Summer Colours in Autumn – Look Book here!
Blue and crackle nails
Simple home manicure Ideas – Post here


September 2015

London Fashion Weekend
First Fashion Show LFWD 2015
Grid Nails
Grid Nails – Short tutorial here


October 2015

DIY Newspaper clutch
DIY Newspaper clutch – Tutorial here


November 2015

Ankara skirt and Pink Jumper Oxford Castle
Trip to Oxford!



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