A friend of mine spoke to me a few weeks back and suggested I start a travel section on my blog. I must admit I do love travelling but I literally cannot make the time to do so right now with all the commitments I have at the moment. So instead of creating a section that would be wishy-washy I decided not to bother at all. However, I did love the suggestion and so I thought of an alternative and said to myself

“Why not visit some of the beautiful and historic towns right here in the UK?”

It’s still travelling – Kinda, but instead I’ve decided to fuse my ‘travels’ with my Look Books.  I can’t believe how much time has gone by since I moved to the UK and in my 5 years of being here I would say I’m slightly ashamed of myself for sticking to my comfort zone – literally; as I do not know anywhere else other than London (southeast) – #ALevels, Guildford – #University, Banbury – #Placement and Sheffield – #GirlFriendVisit ^_^  – Places I have only found myself in, out of necessity.

So I kicked off my little tour of the UK with Oxford which is only 20 minutes from where I currently stay. Of course travelling alone is boring so I went with my main girl – Anthonia. I must say that if I didn’t have her on board with this idea, it would have still been on my list of “THINGS I COULD DO” – Thanks Anthonia. MUAH!!!. What’s even more wonderful about having her come with me is the fact that she can take some pictures for me – lol. I never knew she had such a flare for photography as the pictures she took of me during our visit to Oxford were absolutely amazing.

Anyways enough rambling – Let’s talk about my day in Oxford.

We set off on a bright Sunday morning – not the typical kind of morning in the UK; especially not in November.We left the house a little bit earlier than we needed to, just so we could take some pictures and also so we wouldn’t miss our train which ran by the hour due to rail replacement works. It was a really bright, sunny and cheerful morning and you could see it in everything and everyone around.  While we stopped to take some pictures on the high street, a man walked up to us and asked

“Are you models?”

It was quite flattering I must say but not out-of-place as we literally took over the side-walk and took a lot of pictures ^_^. He offered to take a picture of us together which turned out quite bright and over exposed, but anyways… once he was done he said to us

“Enjoy the sun!”

– This became our slogan for the day.



We proceeded to the train station after about 30mins of modelling. We bought our tickets, got on the train and once we were in Oxford the ‘tourist behaviour’ began. We didn’t plan to visit any place in particular so we slightly looked lost when we walked out of the station; but I knew there were a few historic monuments in Oxford – Oxford castle to be specific. So after searching through the map at the station, we spotted the OXFORD CASTLE which was just outside a 5 minute radius from the station and so we decided to head there – in our heels #NotTheBrightestIdea.


Strutting in our heels, we finally got there after 7 minutes of walking and I was absolutely blown away by the calm and serene of the castle – and my feet hurt as well. Anyways, the calm and serene feel did start to dwindle away as we walked through and I saw signs such as

Prison Debtors’ Tower”,

House of Correction”,

… etcetera. I started to become a little bit more conscious of what may have happened on the grounds I now walked on , feeling so at peace and calm. It definitely didn’t seem like it was a place built for calm and happy thoughts but once again the scenery took over and I was glad all that was now in the past.



Ankara skirt and Pink Jumper

After a while walking through all the doors and over all the bridges we could find, my feet began to ache and I decided to sit by the curb while Anthonia explored the scenes through the camera lens. I let my hair done and took some selfies. Then I posted one on Instagram and then we decided it was time to eat!

Oxford Castle Unlocked DSC_0311

We found some chairs on a faux grass terrace, sat down and started hunting for restaurants around the area.



I then realised I had lost my hair scrunchy once my hair kept falling over my eyes and after a few minutes spent retracing my steps I finally found it. We also found a place to eat and after another 7 minutes spent walking along the high street in Oxford we found ourselves at MAXWELLS.

Sitting down on the booth dinner chairs, we ordered a few drinks, some food and began to dig in. We didn’t have much more time to spend wandering around Oxford as we could not risk getting stranded there due to the reduced train service on this day and so this was our last stop! A very brief day out. I wonder where next we’ll find ourselves – Who knows.? Any suggestions?


PS: The ketchup at the diner was in a squeeze bottle #QuiteRareTheseDays. I was so overjoyed and glad I didn’t have to struggle with the ketchup!


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