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Today I have a product review for you – as the title of this post suggests and it’s for the Makeup Revolution Ultra Lip Salvation Collection which contains 6 lip glosses by Makeup revolution. I got the collection from Superdrug for £12 (currently on sale). Individually, each gloss cost £3 a stick so the price is very reasonable for how many glosses you actually get.

First Impression

The packaging of this product is really nice and very attractive. It comes in a gift set format which makes it great for giving out as a present for a special occasion. Each individual lip gloss also has its own cardboard casing which is also perfect if you decide to get the set to save a little money and then give out the lip-glosses individually. It has a rose gold metallic lining around the inner window of the box and also the internal casing is rose gold as well – Love it!

Make Up revolution

Make Up revolution

Purely based on looks they are so gorgeous! The collection also consists of 3 different types of lip gloss that the brand does – The Velvet lip lacquer, Ultra Velour lip cream and the Intense lip lacquer lip gloss. However, you can’t choose the colours in the collection and I believe this is the only set with a mix of the different lip gloss ranges. So what you see is what you get – I’m not so sure if that’s such a bad thing but anyways aside from the colour, the mix of product types gives you a good opportunity to try them all out and see what each range is like!


This is what they look like against my skin and from this you can already tell which ones would go quite well with my skin tone and which ones won’t. However, I have been able to find a way to use them all by combining them with each other or other products I already have but when it comes to using them on their own I am only able to use 3 of them without combining them with any other product –  Both Intense lip glosses and the wine coloured Ultra Velour (Pictures of me wearing them below).

Individual rating

One thing I wasn’t able to find on the boxes or on the lip gloss itself were the names which isn’t the best if you would like to purchase a particular shade/product again.  So I resorted to referring to them by their exact colours for the rest of this post and If anyone knows their exact names please let me know by leaving a comment in the comment box below. Thank you ^_^

#The Intense range lives up to the name as they are very vibrant and are very easy to apply. I would definitely use it on its own and absolutely love them. They last for quite a while which is a necessity for any lip product. However, if you do not like to have a very glossy lip you may want to consider matting out this product a bit and you can do so by using one of the velvet glosses – see picture below

Application – 5/5

Value for money – 5/5

Top : Red Intense + Pink Velvet; Bottom left : Red Intense alone; Bottom Right : Red intense + Pink Velvet (less glossy)

# The Ultra Velour range is also quite vibrant but the application really let’s them down. However, they do last very long. So once you can get over the application problem you’ll be fine. For this singular reason, I am unable to use the pink one because when I apply it in layers, it just doesn’t even out over my lips but the wine coloured one is fine – probably because it is darker.

Application – 3/5

Value for money – 4/5

MakeUp revolution Ultra velour Lip gloss
Wine Ultra Velour


# The Velvet range is quite light.  The colours are very faint and maybe this is exactly how they are meant to be but I’m not sure. The only way time I use these two products is as an over coat on my lip gloss either to matt it out or create a slight ombre effect. However, I can use it on its own when I want my lips to look very, very natural.

Application – 5/5

Value for money – 2/5

Top: Purple Intense + Mocha Velvet Lipgloss; Bottom: Purple Intense only
So that’s the whole collection. If you have any more questions just let me know by leaving a comment in the comment box below and I would answer your question ASAP!

Hope this helps!

Until Next Time…


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