Fish Brain syndrome is a chronic case of irrational decision-making and ‘blindness’ caused by ‘love’

Background information:

The first case of ‘fish brain’ syndrome is not exactly known.  However, research has found that it has probably been in existence for a long while. It is known to affect mostly females and often leads to a series of irrational decision-making, life changing mistakes, heart breaks amongst many more.


The major symptoms include

  • Irrational decision-making
  • Inability to see things – often characterised by delusion, i.e. the affected person is often unable to understand and see points and facts that close friends and family see.
  • Obsessive behaviour

Okay… let’s get serious – but seriously! What’s up with ladies behaving like the have brains the size of a pea? There are some ladies around who find themselves in a situation where they feel betrayed, cheated, deceived and used. Yes – agreed, sometimes this is genuinely the case and it is really unfair for men to treat women this way. Take advantage of our soft kind nature and use it to manipulate our actions. Stop! It’s not right – Women are very tender…

“We are delicate and created so – It’s our nature and we can’t change that”

So don’t use it against us. Regardless of what any woman would say, it is not normal for women to be rock hard heartless or solid unless something has drastically gone wrong in which case a fence can be built up and women just learn to be stronger and less vulnerable; but usually women are very delicate. So stop! be nice. Anyways back to women!

Sometimes the feeling of betrayal, being cheated or feeling deceived CAN BE AVOIDED. I have learnt from experience that it is sometimes good and necessary to listen to what other people are saying, the signs and signals they tell you they are picking up from the guy in question or at least try to see things from their point of view, regardless of what he has said to you in the past or who you believe he is. The reason being that when we are in ‘love’ , it is very hard to find faults. Women are easily soothed and so even if a guy offends you, all it takes sometimes is a flower – Imagine! a measly plant to say sorry and we accept – FISH BRAIN RIGHT THERE! lol (But flowers are pretty ^_^)

Okay, before a few people start thinking I’m advising you to listen to gossip and bad talk about that special person in your life this is not what the post is about AT ALL… Let me use an example.

Wealthy girl, well to do girl, hard-working, Independent lady, Boss woman…. For some reason you fall in love with a guy that isn’t as well off as you are – NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. However, there is something very wrong when this guy starts feeding off you and begins to feel comfortable with the arrangement of you supporting him and basically funding the relationship – relationships are expensive if you didn’t know. Tell me: why would you be surprised and feel cheated when this guy that clearly has no ambition leaves you or dumps you or cheats on you? Hello? The warning signs have been there from the beginning and you were just too ‘in love’ to see them. I bet there was definitely that one friend that told you they didn’t think the arrangement was okay.

Next example, ambitious girl, very dedicated, caring, loving etc. For some reason the guy you’re seeing just doesn’t reciprocate this ‘love’ in the same way – maybe he used to but all of a sudden he doesn’t. Maybe you even try to talk to him about it. It goes well, he changes for maybe two weeks and reverts back to the same old behaviour. Then you talk to him again. He changes. Then reverts back to the same old behaviour. Then you talk to him AGAIN! and he still changes – Girl!!! are you not tired? Why are you still talking to a hard-headed person? It is obviously not in their nature to behave the way you expect and if there’s one thing I know


If a man wants to change because of you he will of his own accord but you as a person cannot behave in a certain way to cause this man to change. I hope you understand where I’m coming from now – with regards to having the fish brain syndrome.

Of course listening to back talk about your partner is bad for any relationship – even in a normal friendship; but there are some clear cases with warning signs hanging all around some relationships that the people involved just don’t see sometimes. I mean, if two – not one, or maybe even three people are saying the same thing about this person in question and you have spoken to them and they keep having an excuse or keep reverting back to the same behavior then you have two choices! You either deal with it and face ANYTHING that comes with it as a result of your decision or re-evaluate your stand on the relationship and act accordingly. There is no point investing time, money, feelings and yourself into a dead situation.

So please my lovely girlies, ladies and women out there be safe! Guard your heart, guard your integrity, guard yourself and when you ever doubt yourself or sense of reasoning speak to someone. Everyone has that one friend who truly cares about them and if you don’t trust anyone, speak to a counselor who is definitely on a neutral ground.

Until next time!




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