For as long as I can remember, I have been in a constant battle with pimples and trying to get clear skin. I have probably used a gazillion products and tried so many different remedies, gone through really bad skin times and good times and my conclusion is…

Nothing works better than good old Mother Nature

Not until about a year ago did I actually start to get a hang if what my skin does and does not like. I still don’t have baby smooth skin as you can see in the pictures below, but when the need arises and I wear my BB cream and foundation, then I don’t have pimples bumping up all around my skin. So today, I would be sharing with you my 3 favourite natural facial care products (or ingredients).


I love honey as a skin product so much not only because it is inexpensive but because of the numerous benefits it has. Personally, I apply a honey mask to my face at night when I notice my skin is excessively dry or I have some dry patches on my skin. I leave it on for about 30 mins or longer, wash it off with a warm cloth and pat my face dry with a face towel. Depending on how my skin feels after this I either choose to moisturise it or not. Most times it will be fine without any moisturiser and by morning my face is all smooth and clearer than the previous day


Lemons are acidic by nature which makes them great for naturally ‘bleaching your skin’. They are very good for getting rid of acne scars and marks but can also cause severe skin irritation if not used properly – I have experienced this personally. Lemon is best used as a skin toner but has to be diluted significantly to make it suitable to stay on your skin overnight. If you used the lemon juice directly, without any dilution then ensure you wash it off your skin once it has dried up.



A bit obvious yes? But not water as a liquid but as a gas. Yes steam. Steaming my face is definitely something I love doing and do quite often these days. Mainly because my pores get clogged very easily. So before I use any products to wash my face, I steam my face for about 1-2 mins and then proceeded to washing with my face wash. Of course I tend close them up again by using cold water but steam is really important to me. It’s especially good after applying heavy makeup because it gives you that extra assurance that your pores are also getting cleaned properly.

One little tip that involves these three:  

Try mixing honey and lemon, apply it to your skin,

leave it on for 30 mins

and then steam up!

You’ll be amazed at how refreshing your skin would feel it is.

Have you ever tried any of these 3 things? What are your thought on them?


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