Beauty || Unpainted toes – Quick Fix!

There have been many times when I forget to paint my toe nails in the rush of getting ready to go out. So over time, I have come up with quick ways to get out of this mess and it won’t be so nice of my not to share them with you right?

#Paint over your current colour

This is pretty straight forward, probably not ideal but if you’re in a hurry, your toe nail polish is chipping off and you don’t have enough time to clean it off and reapply, then paint over it. It’s the easiest and quickest way to solve this problem.

#Paint only your first 3 toes

Most times if you’re wearing peep toe shoes, only your first three toes (counting from the big toe) would show. So instead of wasting even more time painting all of them why not paint the ones that will show alone? Make it even quicker by putting on your shoes and then painting your nails. That way you don’t even need to wait for them to dry or worry about it smudging!


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