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Hope you’re having or had a fab day. Continuing in my lil series following from London Fashion Weekend today I’ll be talking to you about the complimentary tote bag that we were given at the event! I love getting stuff for free- Who doesn’t? But sometimes you get the most unnecessary stuff for free – Things you don’t need and that would probably clog up your space right?

Anyways, let’s call this a mini review of the items given as well and at the end let me know your thoughts and your verdict.

The Tote

The tote bag (gift bag) itself was designed by Mary Katrantzou who as a designer specialises in prints and working with them in order to change the appearance of a woman’s body, create illusions and most of all a lasting impression with every design.

Overall the bag is nice and of good quality. Great as a stylish shopping bag but nothing more. I quite like it though because of the quality of the fabric used and the print on it.


No gift bag would be complete without something to munch on yes?  The bag came with a dried fruit bag – which was yummy!; a Lindor chocolate – which was also yummy; ground coffee – I’d probably used this for a face mask; and some tea – which I haven’t tried yet. Overall it’s a nice little collection of munchies and pretty decent for a complimentary bag.

Beauty Products

The bag came with a pack of Garnier face wipes which is perfect! It’s such a great addition to the bag and also to my ski care collection – I may just have to add this to my skin care list. It feels so nice and silky and I absolutely love it.

The bag also came with a pink lipstick – I couldn’t identify the brand and I would probably be giving this away as it doesn’t go well with my skin tone. I find that a lot of gift bags from beauty or fashion events include pink lipstick and personally, I feel red would be a better option as it is has a higher chance of matching all skin tones.

The third product that came with the bag was a hair spray which I haven’t used but hopefully should be good as well.

The ‘Reads’

I love these magazines because one – they were free #jokes; but on a serious note the weekender which was a free magazine given out during the event is very useful as it contains a lot of information about what happened on the day. So I really didn’t need to remember any thing that happened during the catwalk and the likes as long as I had a copy of this. It’s also a good souvenir from the day as it contains the schedule of the events that took place and other bits and bobs from this particular event.

I haven’t had time to go through the ‘Hello! Fashion’ magazine but having a browse through the pages, I think it would be a good read too.

London Fashion Week

So that’s it guys – The contents of my tote bag from LFWEnd. Worth it or nah?

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One thought on “Lifestyle || What’s in my LFW gift bag?

  1. Reblogged this on High Street Mania and commented:

    While London Fashion Week is currently going on, let’s reflect back to a few of the highlights from last year’s Autumn event.

    It was my very first time at a fashion show and although not everything played out the way I thought it should it was still an experience. I also got a few goodies in the goodie bag I was given – Some I still have, some I used and loved and some I never even opened #lol.

    Oh wells, here’s a throw back to that event. Can you guess which ones I used and still have?


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