Hi Everyone!

Today I’ve got another DIY tutorial for you which was inspired by my love for acrylic box clutches and also this newspaper clutch I saw online (Click for Inspiration clutch)


I really love this clutch and can’t wait to rock it! What do you think? I’ve got a list of all the items I used below the video but before that, here’s the tutorial! Hope you like it and don’t forget to leave your thoughts, comments and suggestions below 💋

Here’s a list of the things I used

Acrylic clutch  ebay  approx £10 with shipping

Fabric £1.39 for half a meter 

Mod Pogde Gloss Finish glue

Foam brush





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6 replies on “DIY || Acrylic Newspaper Clutch Bag

  1. I have always wanted a bag like this since Carrie Bradshaw wore a dress similar. I never thought the dress was amazing but I thought shoes or a bag would look incredible!


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