Beauty || What does your Mani say about you?

Sometimes, I find that the colour of my nail varnish gives me a different vibe when choosing an outfit or just makes me feel a certain way. Does it happen to you to?

There’s probably someone who has done some research on this topic but I’ll just share with you my personal experience with this and some of the main nail varnih colours I use when I feel the need to give off a certain vibe.


Whenever my nails are painted Nude, I feel so relaxed and go for light calm and minimal outfits. It also makes a feel quite girly and delicate – a bit on the timid girlie-girl side of being a lady.


On the other hand, having my nails painted black makes me feel quite bold and fearless! The outfits I find go best with my black nails usually have a biker girl feel to it. I either wear my chunky heeled boots or my leather jacket or both ^_^. Punk rock is the theme of my look when I have this nail varnish on.


The ultimate colour of sexy! I usually find myself going for red nails when going to a dinner and I’m plan on wearing a long figure flattering dress. This is mostly because I want to keep to the whole sexy-feminine look and not really because it matches my outfit – red nails go with anything. Sometimes I also notice that having res nails affects the way I hold objects just because I feel extremely lady like by having red nail varnish.

Which brings me to question: Can the colour you paint your nails  be a reflection of your personality or your mood?


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