Nigerians are probably the only people in this world who say we need a change EVERY-TIME yet are not willing to change.

Someone please explain how this change will happen then?

This isn’t even about anything political; I am the last person to know about anything related to politics. I’m talking about the little everyday life issues and things that affect us instantly and directly. I listened to a few friends talk about change in Nigeria and between the four of us, 2 people came to the conclusion that yes change is good, but changing the Nigerian mentality (whatever that means) is impossible. So there is your answer: No change in our country until the people decide to be a little bit open-minded. Let me touch base on a few topics that are closer to home.

I have been quite blessed in that my parents are very supportive of whatever I choose to do. I always say to people my dad is the kind of father that if you decide you want to be a plumber, good and fine – that’s your decision. Just make sure you are the best there is and your plumbing is on a different level. Everything is about packaging; but back to the topic.

I find that a lot of young people these days, end up doing degrees of no value to them than bragging rights for their parents. I also find that if the parents of a child are okay with the child in question pursing a vocational degree, the society, friends and family WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY. Vocational degrees are not popular in Nigeria as almost everyone goes for a professional degree. There’s nothing wrong with that, but how do we have the audacity to open our mouths and say no employment? Oh please, we have 1 million Nigerian youths with the same degree. Will there ever be that many job openings for the same job at the same time? We need to change our perspective on life with regards to what professions we pursue. Although I do understand the importance of having a plan B in the form of a degree, please don’t make a child feel worse for not doing a certain degree or not doing as well as you expect in the degree you chose or forced them into doing.

The second issue: MARRIAGE – OMG!!!. Would you believe that when I turned 21, the first thing some of my Aunties not even my mum, said to congratulate me was “we will soon come and choose asoebi” . For those who aren’t Nigerian it basically means they would need to organise a family meeting to decide in the attire the family will wear at my wedding – first of all I would be choosing  this myself, Thank you!. Secondly, they probably meant it as a joke but behind every joke, especially marriages jokes, lies an element of truth. Please someone tell me why young women especially rush into marriage and some parents pressure their children into getting married when there are so many unhappy marriages and broken homes? Someone said

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

If people have always gotten married early and they are now unhappy, why are you rushing me to take the same step? Of course it’s not the same case with everyone but I’m not willing to make that step and then realise it wasn’t right, it will be too late and then people will be consoling me to “manage”. Hmmm, understand I am not talking about my personal experience; it’s just that speaking in first person makes it easier to relate.
Fellow Nigerians CHANGE YA WAYS!!!. Change begins with you and not others.

Love you all 💋
From a proud Nigerian


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7 replies on “Let’s Talk about Nigerians : Dear Nigerians, CHANGE YA WAYS!!! – Degrees and Marriage 

  1. This two issues are the cause of a lot of the problems we have. The more open minded Nigerians the better for our future, you’ve certainly said it all. God bless you for this.


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