Beauty || London Fashion Weekend – Nails

Hi Everyone!

So yesterday I went to London Fashion Weekend at the Saatchi gallery and it was fab! but I think my favourite part of going to this event was actually getting ready and of course I planned my look for weeks! ^_^.

When it comes to any outfit I choose, I try not to focus all my attention on just one aspect, i.e my hair, attire or makeup. I love everything to be on ‘fleek’ – as much as possible so I pay attention to every detail.

For me, this means keeping things simple but getting every right! This also means loads of planning in advance. I had my outfit ready from the start of last week but to prep myself up to the ‘Big day’ I got my nails done on Friday evening – What do you think?

To achieve this look I first of all painted my nails with my  white nail polish by Barry M, then followed up by sticking on nail stickers to form the grid shape I wanted. I got the stickers from ebay for £0.99 for 12 rolls of 20 meters in different colours – BARGAIN!!!. These stickers can be used on their own to create the same kind of effect by sticking them on, cutting the excess and then painting over it with a top coat. I didn’t want to do that so I used a different method. (see picture below)

What I did was to align the stickers to the desired design I wanted to achieve, then I painted over it with the main colour I wanted my nails to be. I let the top nail varnish dry , then peeled the stickers off and finished it off with a top coat – I used a matt top coat in my case

NOTE: If you use the method I used make sure the colour you want your lines to be is your base coat and let it dry COMPLETELY before you apply the stickers. If you don’t, the stickers would peel some of the nail polish off when you take remove them.
Hope you love my nails as much as I do. Have a lovely evening and expect more posts from me about my day at LFWend within the next few weeks – I’ve got loads to share.

If you’d also like to see a mini video of how I did my nails like the one I has earlier on Instagram just leave a comment below.

Until next time!



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