For quite a while now, I have had a few nail brushes sitting in my drawer and I never really used them. Then recently I felt like doing something playful with my nails and after a bit of research I discovered the Fan nail brush manicure. Luckily for me I already owned a fan brush.

Fan Brush

I’ve played around with this brush over the past week and finally I have a ‘mani’ I’m proud to share – My Rainbow Nails. I used 5 different nail polishes to achieve this look:

White Nail Polish – Barry M

Red Nail Polish – Newlook

Navy Blue Nail Polish – Newlook

Yellow Nail Polish – Jess

Gloss Top and Bottom Coat  – Barry M

I have a mini video of how I achieved this design on my Instagram page (click here)

I absolutely love my nails and I can’t wait to play around with all my brushes to create more fun manis ^_^. In the mean time, what do you think of this one?


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