You probably read the heading and thought to yourself…

“Ah! Demi? How come? Why? What’s going through your head?”

… and I’m going to ask you

“Why not? You didn’t ask me what kind of trophy though”

Before I go on, let’s briefly look at the definition of a Trophy

“A trophy is a reward for a specific achievement, and serves as recognition or evidence of merit.”

Highly desirable and regarded as a symbol of wealth or success: a trophy wife.”

“A memento of success”

Now, my question for you is what’s wrong with a man desiring me? Does it necessarily mean he wants me as a sex symbol? What about what is in my brain? My thoughts? The support I give to him?

Of course I want to be a trophy wife but not in the way you think. I want my husband to see me and be proud of me and show me off to his friends for how successful I am, how supportive I have been to him or how independent I am as a woman. My husband should be able to boast about me to his friends and anyone else who cares to hear, not because of how great the sex is, how long my legs are, how big my bum is or how massive my boobies are.

He should be able to boast about me for more tangible things like how I helped him get a contract or how great my company is doing. He should be able to boast about the new car I bought for our child or the Hublot watch I bought him. He should be able to boast about how I’ve brought him closer to God or How I’ve changed his life for the better. He should be able to say to his friends…

“I’m lucky to have married my wife.”

There are two kinds of trophy wives. The kind that’s only good for her outward appearance.  The kind that people see and KNOW that all she’s good for is being pretty and looking good. The other kind, the one I’m going to be is the type of trophy wife that adds value to her man’s life. The kind that he’ll respect and think twice about before he chooses to misbehave because he cannot afford to lose me.

There are so many sexy women around the world now – I mean, plastic surgery can do wonders to anyone. Sexy women plenty for town so wise up girl!

If you add value to your man’s life when he says jump and you say “No, I can’t” or “Not now“, he will understand.  Before I conclude, let me add that it is definitely possible to be both but please please, don’t be the first kind alone. You will live a miserable life.

So yes, I want to be a trophy wife and I will be one; Not because of my body, not because I’m sexy, not because of my outward appearance but because of who I am within and how well my brain cells are functioning.

trophy wife


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2 replies on “Let’s Talk about me! : I want to be a Trophy Wife!

  1. Great post, Demi.
    You always win my heart. *sigh* should have met you a long long time ago and be the ‘first’.
    You are a woman with a great mind. Oh well, that’s what got me here in the first place.
    This whole thing is beyond looks or anything cause I haven’t even met you before. . You gon always win b. You’ll always win.


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