Hi Everyone!!!

This is a really quick post.

I recently bought these gorgeous black patent flat-forms from Asos.com  that I have been wanting for a long time. I absolutely love them!!!

As the heading of this post suggest, it has white soles and I am absolutely obsessed with white items staying white, ESPECIALLY shoes. I get a little iffy when I see white shoes that have changed colour but anyways, back to the subject.

The best way to keep white soled shoes white is to clean them immediately you take them off or at least on the same day. This would leave no time for the dirty to settle in and it will also make it very easy for the dirt to come off.

Cleaning it off is very simple! All you need is a brush (I use a tooth-brush), some soap ( I use my hand wash) and water! See steps below

Steps for cleaning a white soled shoe
Steps for cleaning a white soled shoe


Patent Flat-form Shoes
Patent Flat-form Shoes

Very simple and will keep your shoes looking nice and new all the time!

Hope you found this useful!!!

Until next time!!!



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