I won’t particularly class myself as a beauty blogger, but when I love a product I just have to share it with everyone! The red lip is probably the most adored symbol of feminism. There’s just something about it.


There are many ways of achieving a red lip but personally, as someone with quite full lips going matt works best for me. So for my red lip I use MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer (Colour- Atomic) and also a Red lip liner (Red Drama) by MUA.

The first thing I do is line my lip to get a well defined lip shape and I do this with a Red lip liner by MUA.

Next I just go ahead and apply the Lip Lacquer by MUA. One thing to note it that this products dries up quite quickly so precise and quick application is key to avoid over application which could lead to cracks and an uneven lip colour.

MUA Lip Lacquer Reckless
The lip lacquer is great as it’s very easy to apply and last long. Whenever I use this product it lasts the whole day and literally needs attention to be cleaned off. The lip liner cost £1 and the Lip Lacquer cost £3. My rating for these products? 4.5/5 only because it dries up quite quickly which makes correcting any flaw very hard.

Hope this was useful!


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