Hi Everyone!

I have a quick question… I’ve always wondered to myself…

“Do my toe nails and finger nails need to match?”

“Do I have to paint them the same colour?”

“Does it look weird?”

Nail Varnish by Models own in Green Chrome


Hmmm… I still haven’t found the answer and it’s probably not something you and your girl friends may talk about.

Personally, they hardly match… But is this a problem?

I find that some colours go more nicely on your fingers than on your toes, but why?

Any answers?

In other news, I absolutely love the metallic green nail polish I’m wearing at the moment. It’s from models own and is absolutely fabulous. It’s a shame it would only  be on for 24hours as I have to take it off before Monday. Oh wells… Have a lovely evening everyone.



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3 replies on “Dilemma : I’m confused about Nail Varnish

  1. Personally I don’t think they need to match. I hardly match them. I prefer more darker/ unique colours on my toes seeing as the toe polish tends to last longer.

    1. Exactly what I do too at the moment… I’ve just had a lot of people ask me recently. ☺️ What about when your toe nails will show too? 💭💭💭 Ever get confused then or it doesn’t really matter?

      1. For me, it really doesn’t matter. I’ve had people comment in the past but they get over it. I like looking at my toes and seeing a fun colour even if it’s different from my fingers.


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