Look Book || Bridging the gap – Autumn colours

Multi coloured dress Multi coloured dress


Multi coloured dress

Bought with my first pay check from my current internship, this dress stole my heart away the minute I saw it. The colours, the cut, the everything about it is just so me!

I think what I love the most about it is the way the colors and the print remind me that Autumn is near but also how beautiful Autumn can be. Most people associate bright colors with summer which is very appropriate, but Autumn is also a season of many colours. The leaves which although fall off the tree still bring such beauty to the environment with the orange, brown, red and green colours all surrounding one tree. Can’t wait for Autumn now!

Multi coloured dress

 The dress is from H&M and was £29.99. The shoes were on sale at River Island and cost £20 at the point of purchase. My adorable Parasol (Umbrella) is from ebay.com and is one of the few items from the Victorian Era that I seem to be loving at the moment.

Overall, I love this look! The dress fabric is great and has a rough texture. The dress fits nicely and seems like a piece that would definitely last for a long time.

What do you think?…


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