Plaid shirt

Plaid (or Plad) is a pattern that originates from Scotland. I’m sure some of you already knew that but trust the fashion industry to take one unique and beautiful cultural/native item and give it a modern twist. However, Plaid isn’t new in the fashion scene but is definitely a timeless piece!

What’s also great about plaid is the fact that even in the exact same print, on a guy or girl it would suit anyone just fine!

Whether as a skirt, blazer, pants, shirt, shoe, etcetera etcetera plaid would always stand out. I went for a shirt mainly because I loved the color and detail and it was also a bargain find. I got it for only £8 from Missguided’s summer sale and just in case they are out of stock, I found some similar ones on other sites which are listed below.

You all know how I love every item of mine to be diverse; have multiple ways it can be worn and this shirt definitely fits the spec. This shirt can be worn as a layer over a Tank-Top, a Shirt (the intended way) and a tie-front crop shirt.

Of course I can’t forget the crowning jewel to this look; My shoes. Also from Missguided‘s sale and another bargain find, these babies cost me only £15! It’s available in sizes 3-8 (as of when I wrote this post), so get yours quick if you want ’em. They are really comfy and not as high as they look. They are also so easy to walk in, you may even forget you have heels on.

The Lace up/gladiator trend is definitely making it’s way back on the scene and I think I’m loving it. I’ve got my eyes on a flat shoe variation of this… I’d let you know when, if I get it ^_^.

Plaid shirt


Newlook £22.99

H&M £14.99


Asos £22

Asos £25

Until next time… Muah!


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