Did you know || You buy the same thing over and over?!

… This may not literally mean the exact item but it is usually in the form  of the same color, same pattern or same style of item. Sometimes you may not even be the one that got the item, but because people know you unconsciously they know the kind of things you’d like and your wardrobe ends up being filled with things that are ‘YOU!’ Here are some of my examples.

#Similar Pattern

#Same Color

 This might be a little controversial as some will say “You buy accessories to match or compliment each other”… but do you always do so or it just happens? Have you ever bought a bottle of nail polish, only to get home and realise you have exactly the same shade in your collection? or a pair of shoes and then you find out you have something very similar already?

Reason behind this is you like what you like. Simple! Nothing scientific about it, your style is just your style. It’s probably a good idea to go through your closet and find out what your most common items are or which items you tend to wear a lot. It may just be the first step to understanding your style!



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