Hi everyone, I hope you’re well. I’ve been so busy with life recently it’s a miracle I can still find time to blog; but I guess when you love what you do, you make out time for it ^_^. Anyways, today I have another post for you on one of my other friends. So last week you met Lola and today I’ll be introducing to you Anthonia… My day one!



Before we go into what Anthonia has to say about herself, let me give a brief personal overview of her. She’s AWESOME! Period. She’s probably the one of the few people who know everything about me… You know those friends you can’t stop being friends with because they know all your secrets and have become an integral part of your everyday life? Anthonia is one of them 😀 lol. Anyways, enough of my rambling… Here’s what Anthonia has to say about herself.


Name: Anthonia Omeiza.

Likes: “I love a good joke and just generally having a good laugh.” 

Dislikes: “People who don’t respect other people’s time and money!” This is true ^_^

Guilty pleasure: “I love Cheesecake…” (she makes really good cheesecakes too) “… and romantic comedies.”

Any Phobia: “Sky diving!!! That’s one thing I’ll never do”

Any Siblings?: “I’m the fifth out of 6 children. The fourth of five girls. I have one brother.” 

Hobbies: “I love to read novels and to gather information on random topics.”  By Random, she actually means random #NoJoke

Skills: “Crocheting, baking, matlab software programming (lol).” … Geek?

Best day of your life: “Whenever I had my most recent Starbucks Frappucinno.” 

Most embarrassing life moment: “I have none ^_^…” (or maybe she just doesn’t want to say :D)


Favorite High Street Store: “New Look. It’s my one stop for everything”

Fashion Item you can’t do without: “Plain Black T-Shirts.”

Beauty Product you can’t do without: “Black Eyeliner. Without it I feel like my face looks tired”

Favorite Body Feature: “My Nose”

Your Style and Demi?: “We are always and loggerheads. We can never seem to agree on the same item, except on a few very very rare occasions. My style is very dark and simple while you could probably describe Demi’s style as Bright, Colorful and Neon”

All Black Autumn Winter look

Black coat

So you’ve met two of my friends. What do you think about me? Maybe I should do a get to know me post or video… hmmm… Anything you’d like to know?


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