Style || How to Make Your Clothes Last Long

There are some common mistakes people make when it comes to taking care of clothes. Apart from reading the label to know how to care for a specific item, there are a few things you should never do to any piece of clothing. The main thing is to avoid excessive heat and just incase you’re not too sure what I mean by that, keep reading.

#NEVER!!! Dry clothes on a radiator-

… Especially clothes with bright colours


#AVOID!!! Drying clothes with the outside facing out –

Clothes should be dried inside out, especially in regions with very high temperatures and clothes with vibrant colours or clothes that have dyes that could run. It doesn’t stop the dye from running but it means your item is already prone to loosing colour, so you don’t want to aid that process

#NEVER!!! Iron with extreme heat-

This may not only lead to possibly burning your clothes but you could also fade out the colour.

This is the main reason you should never do any of the above to your clothes. Doing any of these will definitely lead to the color of your clothes fading out. If you want your clothes to remain vibrant and in good shape, then you definitely don’t want to do any of the above. I know for students, especially, the radiator is probably your best friend when it comes to drying clothes. I’ve been there, done that (still do sometimes but I shouldn’t) and it isn’t worth it ESPECIALLY for clothes that you really love.

So be patient, get an airer, air your clothes, let them dry naturally and we’ll all be happy.
Hope this was helpful. ^_^

Until next time!!!



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