Look Book || Day-2-Night Ft Lola (Ripped Jeans)

The problem some people face when trying to balance a work life (or more generally, a busy day life) with a night time life is trying to sort out what to wear. Finding the time to change from your day time outfit to something more appropriate for the night time can sometimes be the key determining factor to whether or not you go on a night out. So today, Lola and I are here to show you one of our day-to-night look inspirations.


For the day time, Lola’s wearing an outfit appropriate for a casual day out. If you work in a retail store or going to college/Uni, this look would probably be appropriate. If you also plan to visit friends during the day time just to hang out, this would be perfect. A white T-shirt, ripped jeans and flat shoes (any colour of your choice). Accessorise as you want and you’re good to go.
IMG_7213  IMG_7236

Now let’s transform this to a date night look

#Night – 

For me, heels do the trick for almost any look when it comes to going from day to night. A flirty pair of heels, a necklace and a clutch bag was all this look needed to turn it into a date night look. To finish off the look you can wear a leather jacket or a trench coat depending on how you want your look to turn out.


We went for a gold textured choker and a sky blue and gold clutch, which tied in the choker and the denim jeans together to make a perfect girly flirty look.

So there it is; Day to Night with just a few changes made to the look. What’s your verdict?


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