You’ve probably heard the saying…

“Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”

… So today I present to you one of my best girls who will be featuring on my blog for the next few weeks, with a little insight into her personality and hopefully you can get to know a little more about me through her ^_^
leather jacket






Name: Ololade Olanipekun. She commonly goes by the name (Lola)

Likes: “I love shopping for clothes and shoes. I love cooking as well.”

Dislikes: “I dislike long distance flights”

Guilty Pleasure (Food): “Snacking late.”

Any Phobia?:  “Heights and I hate horror movies. They make me sick.”

Siblings?: “Yes, 2 lovely brothers.”

Hobbies: “Cooking and watching movies” (Apparently watching movies is a skill to my friend ^_^)




Skills:  “Cooking, braiding hair, doing manicures and make-up.”

Best day: “Hmmm… Yet to come…”

Most embarrassing day:  “When I cried on stage while performing a song at high school.”

Favorite High Street Store: “New Look.”

Fashion Item you can’t do without:  “My wrist watch. I could actually go a day without it, but it is probably my most worn accessory.”

Beauty Product you can’t do without: “Red Lipstick. I wear it everyday. Ruby Woo by Mac is my fave!”

Favorite Body Feature: “My hair!”

Your Style?: “I love to keep my look simple and elegant. I sometimes like to wear dark-colored items but I also like a bit of color. So I am somewhere in between bright-colorful and dark!”

IMG_7276  IMG_7277

All Black


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