Have you ever wondered why your Pedicure seems to last forever, meanwhile you DSC_0128-2could get a manicure today and by tomorrow it’s already chipping? Well the simple answer lies in the fact that your fingers are more exposed to different elements than your toes. Your feet stay on the ground, most times in either socks or shoes or just ‘less busy’. On the other hand you use your hands to wash your hair, wash the dishes, clean around the house, you wash your hands while cooking, fold clothes with your hands, etcetera etcetera… Basically, there are more chances for you to chip your finger nail polish than there are for your toe nails. So today I would be sharing with you 3 ways you probably haven’t heard of before by which you can reduce these chances and what can you do when doing your manicure yourself to help reduce chipping.

#1- Clean nails dry before application.

The best time to apply nail polish is right after you’ve taken the previous nail polish off or right after washing your hands. You probably know this but sometimes we make the mistake of moisturising our hands with some lotion or hand cream because your hand feels dry. DON’T DO THIS. RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO… lol. Do so after applying your nail polish. Although it is very tempting, it would be worth the wait. Why? because when you moisturise your hands (or nails) you create a film between your nail and the nail polish. Now believe it or not, air bubbles can form between the film and your nails no matter how thin you think the gap might be and this is one of the reasons why your nail polish could chip. It’s also the reason why you are sometimes able to peel off your nail varnish as one thick layer once in a while lol. So it’s best to just wait for the polish to dry before you moisturise your hands. ^_^DSC_0129-2

So before you paint your nails, clean them with some nail polish remover, let it dry and then paint!!!

#2- Allow your nails dry COMPLETELY!

In addition to the drying time written on the bottle of your nail polish as drying time, give your nails sufficient time to dry. Whatever is written on the bottle is just a guideline and not a given in most cases as various regions have different humidity levels, hence different drying times, etc… [Lol, something I learnt as a chemical engineering student is actually useful here as well… Hmmm]. Anyways, You are in a better position to tell if your nails are dry than the manufacturer of the product. So when you paint your nails I’d say give it about 30 minutes at least, although I tend to wait up to an hour before I do anything with my nails, but 30 minutes should be fine.



#3- Avoid excess moisture after application.

This follows from the above point and for similar reasons. However, this one is a more tricky as I can’t advise you not to wash your hair or have a shower or moisturise your hands or any other thing that involves moisture. What I can advise you to do is to avoid those you can. For example, wear gloves when washing dishes or cleaning. I personally find that I do the dishes a lot during the day so wearing rubber glooves to do the dishes helps me cut down how much contact I have with water.


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Until next time!!!


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