Look Book || Black and White Dress

Hi everyone,

These are just some pictures from my look from yesterday (church outfit).

I really love this dress that I got from H&M. I got it quite a while ago and was waiting for the perfect time to wear it. The dress is made from a scuba like fabric and has quite a long torso (the upper part before the skirt part is quite long). This design is perfect for people like me who are quite short or petite ^_^, because it makes you look a little bit taller than you actually are especially if you pair your outfit with some heels.



Black and white outfits are always easy to put together because they compliment each other perfectly. Accessorizing an outfit like this is also always straight forward. Most times dressing it up in black and white from head to toe seems to be the safest and best way to go, but pairing your outfit with red, yellow (mustard), royal blue or emerald (green) is not only daring but also chic, classy and shamazing (my new word ^_^)




So there it is. What’s your verdict? Do you love it as much as I do? If you do then don’t forget to like this post and share.

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Until Next Time Lovelies!!!



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