So the other day I was packing my handbag for uni as usual and realised there are some certain items I always have to put in my bag no matter where I’m going. Whether to school, to church, out with the girls or something. So I’ll just be sharing with you my top 5 essential items and the reason behind why I always have them on me.


I chose this item as one of my top 5 because I tend to find myself in a situation where my hair may be out-of-place or I need to reapply my lip-gloss or lipstick and there’s no reflective object around. This compact mirror comes in handy in such times, especially when you rush out of the house without enough time to look at the mirror properly and make sure everything is okay ^_^. Some people are okay with using the front camera of their phones and that’s fine but I just prefer a mirror just because the camera lens can be a but deceptive.

You don’t necessarily have to buy a special mirror for this purpose though, as many compact powders and foundations come with one attached to the cover.



#Hand cream

This item is part of my top 5 list because I personally love my skin to always be moisturised, especially my hands! This is because my palms are not really soft and I find that keeping them moisturised helps to give them a nice feel when I shake someone ! – Lol. I know weird… But at the same time, when your out and about you may wash your hands or they might just get dry and you’ll want to re-moisturise your hands!


#Lip balm

Just like hand cream I carry this with me everywhere, especially now that the weather is getting a bit dry. Keeping your lips moisturised prevents you from having chapped lips and also makes them soft.


 #Pocket Tissue

This item is in my top 5 because I like to be prepared and having this with me prepares me for an impromptu spill;Edit you can use it to wipe down the surface; when I need to wipe my hands and there’s nothing around to use, this comes in handy; when I need to sneeze or wipe my nose… Basically I just have this in my bag in case of an emergency.

The Pound-Store usually has a multi-pack of about 10-12 and they sometimes sell Kleenex ones too, but I got the one I am currently using also from Primark and it came in a pack of 4 for £1.



This is items is also always in my bag for emergency purposes. Ever been out and you needed to sign a document or write down a note or someone asks you for a pen? Yep, that’s why I have this all the time – Just incase!

So I hope you  found this helpful.

Until Next Time!



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