Hi everyone!

I have been wanting to do a review on these products for ages but I haven’t been able to come round to doing so till now. Anyways, I’m finally doing it so here it goes :D.


I am a recent make-up ‘convert’ I should say, because I wasn’t really a fan of make up; but… since I started uni over a year ago things have gradually changed and I have become more and more make-up conscious and aware about what kinds of products exist, what they do, etc. I still don’t wear make up everyday because my skin reacts very quickly if I wear it excessively but on special occasions I try to go all out.

In all my make-up experience, I seem to be loving sleek as my number one make-up brand as my skin seems to love it a lot. I recently, and by recently I mean a month ago ^_^, added two new products to my ‘sleek’ family. They are the Blemish Balm (BB cream)  in a medium shade and the Dare Matt Lipstick. I absolutely love these two products.

Sleek Blemish Balm

The Blemish Balm is a full coverage one which is great for covering up the dark spots and acne scares I have around my cheeks and it is also has a great moisture content. I have very oily skin and I have tried so much to reduce the shine my skin has when I wear make up. So a lot of the products I use tend to dry out my skin but when I use the BB cream on my skin after any sort of lotion, my face feels so nice all day long. I also don’t know exactly what it is, but when I use this product, my make up stays on for ages and I don’t get that glossy oily make-up look I used to get as much these days. I usually use this on my skin first after my primer, then use the bare skin foundation also by sleek which is in a lighter shade and is light coverage. It cost £8.99 in super-drug.


I love this lipstick because it gives me a very natural sort of look. I personally feel like I can’t wear the typical nude color (which is meant to look natural) because my lips are quite full and because of my skin tone. However, this lipstick does the trick for me. It’s great for those days when I don’t feel like wearing my plum or red lipstick but still want to add something to my look. It cost £4.99 and is also from Super-drug. This product would definitely be in my collection for a long while

Sleek Dare Lipstick


So try them out if you are looking for new products to add to your collection and let me know what you think about them.

Until next time lovelies…


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